Top Decor Ideas To Accessorize Wall Behind The Bed

When it comes to bedroom decoration, accessorizing large, empty wall behind your bed is very important. Whether your bed has a headboard or not, the wall is really a vital part of designing as it gives a final touch to your room decor.

For an extraordinary look, you can decorate this wall in a variety of ways using various decor items. Here are some budget-friendly behind the bed wall decor ideas for all bedroom styles.

Painting: Add life to your dull bedrooms wall by hanging a modern painting. Painting is a great way of filling the wall behind the bed. You can opt for paintings with geometric or floral designs. Depending on your room theme and color scheme, you can choose a big painting to add cheer and style to your room.

Mirror: Introduce glamor to your room with an attractive decorative mirror. Mirror serves as a centrepiece to a room and also offers a practical purpose by reflecting outside views and light. Hang an oversized mirror on a wall to bring an instant style in your bedroom.

Quilt: Hang a brightly colored quilt on wall behind the bed to offer a lavish look to your room. Make a decorating statement by hanging a large graphic quilt or many mini-quilts in a group. It adds color and warmth and also enhances beauty of a room.

China Plates: If you want to add wow factor to your wall, then display a plate collection. Choose similar patterns in different color palette to spice up your boring wall.

Wallpaper: To highlight wall behind the bed in bedroom, use a large wallpaper or wall stickers. Choose a colorful and charming wallpaper and hang it over your bed and create a beautiful feature wall. You can pick from different patterns, textures, designs and colors. You can also use 3d wallpaper on BurkeDecor that can liven up any room.

Photo Frames: Arranging photo frames is also a great idea to make your wall beautiful. Create a beautiful wall of memories and truly personalize your space by hanging a cute collage frame. Available in a wide range of material, design, style and shape, you can also create welcoming ambience in room by hanging many small photo frames close together. There are many possibilities.

Lighting: Dont be afraid to add lights behind your bed. A room that sparkles and shimmers looks appealing and romantic. You can install wall sconces or wall lamps to highlight some paintings or photographs on wall behind your bed.

So what are you waiting for? Get inspired by these creative bedroom decor ideas and make your space lively and fresh. ;)